We aim to offer the best in complimentary and natural health care. Natural Therapies will help physical and emotional health and promote positive well-being in body mind and spirit. We take an individual approach to your health by creating effective treatment plans specific to your condition goals and lifestyle.




Dr. Mohammed Irfan is a  qualified  D. H. M. S. with National Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital Rawalpindi in Pakistan in 1996 and is also qualified in S.A.C advanced Homeopathy at Stonebridge Associated College, Cornwall. He has a Diet and Nutrition Advisor, diploma and is a qualified hypnotherapist with Manchester N.L.P Centre of Excellence.

He has had a lot of work experience, working  with his parents who are also qualified Homeopathic doctors.

During his practice in Uk, Dr Irfan has treated some famous celebrities.

Dr Irfan's uncle, Dr Gulzar Kayani, has held the position of Chairman and President of the Homeopathy Council of Pakistan.

Dr. Irfan: 0790 250 1080

Email: irfankhurram@btinternet.com



Homeopathic Doctor- Samrah Hassan Ali is a qualifed D. H. M. S. with The Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Gujranwala, in Pakistan She has alot of work experience in Woman's Health Problems. She is also a qualified Reiki Master in Manchester, UK.

Dr. Samrah: 0740 340 5755

Email: alisamrahali@hotmail.co.uk 



Homeopathic doctor, Rahat Kayani is a qualified D. H. M. S with National Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital Rawalpindi in Pakistan and practises in the district Jhelum, Pakistan. If anybody, would like any information or advice about Homeopathy, in Pakistan, ring:  03455480061